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Not sure what to look for in an engagement ring? It's okay to feel like it’s a daunting task. An engagement ring is an important purchase that comes at a time when you are distracted by a lot of other wedding-related questions. Here are some hints of what to look for in an engagement ring that should help relieve some of the stress and uncertainty of your shopping experience.

Know your Engagement Ring Budget

vintage engagement rings

The Amber, Evelyn, Kiera & Reese engagement rings from Victor Barbone Jewerly.

This is a purchase that will last a lifetime, so it's important to think carefully about your budget. Be realistic about what you can afford, but don't let outdated notions like the “3-month's-salary rule” override your common sense.

Consider your current financial situation and carefully determine what makes financial sense for you and your partner. You may be able to compromise on some features to stay within your budget as well. For example, if money is a concern, consider choosing a smaller diamond or a cluster-style ring for a bigger look at a smaller budget. Shopping for vintage diamond engagement rings often opens the door to a wider variety of styles and options, along with better value for your money!

Find the Perfect Style

solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings from Victor Barbone: Audrey, Brooklyn, Kiera, Vanessa

The most popular engagement ring styles include solitaires, halos, and cluster rings. Explore all the available styles to find the look that's right for you. If you are shopping alone for your partner, consider their taste in jewelry. Hint: there may be clues in the bedroom jewelry box or on their Pinterest board!

The solitaire style is very popular and traditional and always a safe bet. Vintage engagement rings are available in a wide range of styles and are also eco-friendly and ethical!

Do You Know About the 4 C's of Diamonds?

diamond engagement ring

The Lexi (SOLD OUT) engagement ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry

You've probably heard about the 4 C's of diamond ring shopping. This a great place to start when considering what to look for in a diamond engagement ring. The 4 C’s are: cut, color, clarity, and carats. Understanding these allows you to make informed decisions about how find the best diamond for the best value.

Diamonds with a hint of color in them (M-Z in color) are very common in antique jewelry! These are more affordable and equally as beautiful as super white diamonds. Consider these if you want a bigger look for a lower price.

The 4 C's are so important when shopping for engagement rings that they deserve their own explanation. We’ve made that easy for you to. To learn more, simply visit the Victor Barbone Diamond Ring Buyer's Guide!

Other Things to Look For in an Engagement Ring

cluster engagement ring

The Miley ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry. A gorgeous diamond diamond cluster ring with a blue sapphire halo!

Here are a few things to remember while shopping for the perfect engagement ring:

  • Knowledge allows you to control the shopping experience, which helps you make more informed decisions and allows you to find the right engagement ring without so much stress. Understand the 4 C's and review the styles available. If you need some personalized help in narrowing down the right ring or  have any questions about any of our rings, simply get in touch!
  • If you are shopping for your partner, remember that they will be wearing the ring, not you. Even if you're the one paying, be flexible and understand that this ring will symbolize your relationship so you should both LOVE it. Don't get hung up on small details. Instead, be willing to recognize your partner's feelings and find ways to compromise if necessary.
  • It's normal to feel overwhelmed at first! This is a large and important purchase. We are here to help you through any stress you may feel to make sure this process is fun and romantic. Use our guides and reach out with any questions to make finding your dream ring easier!

Find An Amazing Vintage Engagement Ring Today

Now that you know what to look for in an engagement ring, you can explore our full collection of vintage and antique engagement rings today. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect piece to last you for another 100 years!


March 10, 2017 — Andria Rogers

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