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Vintage Wedding Bands

Choosing your wedding rings is an intensely personal and significant way to begin your romantic journey together. Vintage and antique wedding ring designs are becoming more and more popular with couples around the world for their timeless beauty and distinctive charm.

Captivating Vintage Wedding Bands

Whether it's a favorite era, the perfect gemstone or setting, or just the right design, vintage and antique wedding rings and bands offer something for everyone. Often stand-alone pieces, these gorgeous rings will be adored with or without a paired engagement ring. Some women even prefer wearing their engagement ring on one hand and their wedding ring on the other!

Express a deeply personal sentiment with these unique wedding bands that simply cannot be replicated like many of the cookie-cutter designs found in modern jewelry stores. Your love for each other is deep and real, and these timeless rings are the perfect way to show it.

Incredible durability is another benefit of choosing a vintage wedding ring. When you purchase vintage jewelry, you know you are getting something that has already lasted for generations. There's no guessing if a setting might lose a gemstone or if a band might suffer extreme wear. That kind of peace of mind is invaluable in such an important purchase.

Why Wedding Bands are so Fun

We are big fans of wedding bands! An authentic vintage band is certainly a collector's item and can be the perfect addition to any stack. Vintage bands are super unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, and always have beautiful stones and designs. Pair one with a simple gold wedding band or wear it solo or style it however you may like!

Bands are also something you can add to your stack throughout the years. Anniversaries, birthdays, push presents, a random Tuesday, add a vintage band to your stack to commemorate the milestones. Especially if you come across on in your size!

The best reason for buying a vintage or antique wedding band is that they will never go out of style.