Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be tough. There are a number of gemstones, styles and shapes to consider—not to mention size and budget. Socially conscious couples are adding two more considerations to the mix: eco-friendly and ethical engagement rings. Luckily, vintage jewelry makes that decision easy! Vintage rings are a popular and convenient choice for couples who want eco-friendly and ethical engagement rings. But, what do these terms actually mean, and how can you make the same responsible choices? Let’s take a closer look!

What is an Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring?

Recycling, re-purposing and renewal are central tenets of an Earth-friendly lifestyle. Choosing vintage jewelry embraces these ideals. A vintage engagement ring is the ultimate low impact, environmentally sound option for socially conscious couples. Here are a few environmental benefits of going vintage:

  • There’s no need for mining of precious metals, gemstones, and resources that cause major pollution and environmental damage, because the rings have already been created
  • Resources are not transported or refined, which could otherwise contribute to additional pollution

You can think of buying vintage as recycling a wonderful treasure. Choosing a vintage or antique engagement ring can help to preserve resources without creating a further burden on the environment.

What are Ethical Engagement Rings?

Diamonds and other precious gemstones are sourced from around the world. Unfortunately, many of the most abundant sources are among the most troubled. Without knowing the source, you may inadvertently finance a locally destructive cycle of violence, warfare, economic inequality, exploitation, and human suffering when purchasing a ring. That’s not to say that all modern jewelry plays into this cycle. Look for certified sources when shopping so you can put your mind at ease.

Vintage jewelry, on the other hand, is conflict-free and removed from that cycle. In almost every case, a vintage or antique engagement ring will predate regional conflicts associated with the diamond trade and precious gemstone mining. When you purchase vintage, you can be certain your money is not financing continued exploitation in these areas. You can also be confident that your money is not supporting industrial practices that destroy the environment, poison the land, or displace disadvantaged people.

How Do Vintage Engagement Rings Compare to Modern Rings?

Vintage and antique rings offer several other advantages compared to purchasing more modern rings:

  • Affordability. Vintage rings are typically more affordable on a per-carat or size basis than comparable new rings.
  • Variety. Vintage rings have a wide variety of styles and a deep sense of character. With many options, you’re sure to find a ring that exactly matches your tastes.
  • Durability. A vintage ring has already proven its durability, simply by surviving intact for generations. You know you are buying something that is designed to last.
  • Significance. Vintage rings have added romance and historical significance: every ring tells a story about the era it is from. You can find a ring with a story that is important and relevant to your own romance.

If you are socially conscious and want to extend your ideals to your choice of wedding jewelry, that’s definitely a good thing! A vintage engagement ring makes that choice easier and more convenient, with an almost limitless variety of styles, looks, sizes, and gemstones to choose from!

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March 06, 2017 — Andria Rogers

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