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Old European Cut Diamonds in Engagement Rings

The old European cut diamond is truly a classic and one of the most beautiful cuts of diamond we've ever encountered. Old European Cut diamonds are essentially the antique version of the modern round brilliant cut diamond so these diamonds will have a (near) perfect round outline. They are this beautiful, glimmering cut that has a different appearance than the modern round diamonds.

It’s easy to see why they’re so loved and in such high demand (even among modern jewelers) when you see old European cut diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous solitaire, a three-stone engagement ring, or a beautiful diamond paired alongside other stones, you’re sure to find the loveliest styles here at Andria Barboné!

Gorgeous, Hand-Crafted History

While their name may sound a bit complicated, old European cut diamonds are basically the antique version of the modern round brilliant diamond. Old European cut diamonds date back to the 1800s into the early 1900s and were the go-to cut for the Edwardian Era and Art Deco Era.

By far the most impressive feature of old European cut diamonds is that they are hand-cut stones. That may evoke an image of a roughly cut stone, but these diamonds are sights to be seen. Expertly crafted and developed well before modern computer programs allowed jewelers to cut with laser precision, these diamonds were cut by hand by master artisans. Since these diamonds were cut by hand, they have varied looks and proportions which make them distinctive treasures as no two old European cut diamonds are exactly alike!

Fall In Love With Old European Cut Diamonds

There’s plenty to love about these diamonds and here is what causes their gorgeous appearance:

  • A high crown often which often extends above the setting, giving the stone this rounded shape and gorgeous glow.
  • Broader facets that create gorgeous, floral or checkerboard-like patterns with heightened contrast which allows you to easily see the flashes of light in these stones. It also creates softer colors coming off the stone- more in the pastel hues v. more primary colors of modern stones.
  • You can see the culet (the bottom tip of the diamond) through the surface of the table which is one of the marks of an old stone. Some culets are extra large and some are much smaller, but whatever the size, we don't buy a diamond without one!

For these reasons, and more, old European cut engagement rings offer a truly unique quality full of vintage charm. Browse our collection, and you’re sure to find a ring you love.

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