We LOVE proposals! They are such a great opportunity to express your love for your partner and really show them how much you care! Since you only get to do this once, there is a little bit of pressure involved. But you can do it! If you’re still thinking of ideas, here are some creative ways to pop the question to help get your wheels churning. Plan the perfect proposal for you and the love of your life!

Pro tip: For any proposal that you choose, there are two things that you should always do: 1) Take photos or have someone else photograph the whole thing, and 2) Personalize it to make it relevant and unique to your relationship!

At Home & Romantic

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Bethany - Vintage Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry

An at home proposal is a great option for a super romantic and highly personalized proposal! You can get super specific with this low-key and intimate choice. Here are some creative suggestions when popping the question:

  • Fill your bedroom with some of your favorite photo memories as a couple. Hang them on the wall and arrange them around the room to remember all of the wonderful times you’ve had as a couple!
  • Tea light candles and rose petals always add a romantic touch. Make a trail of rose petals that lead to a candlelit room, and have champagne at the ready for when you pull out the perfect engagement ring!
  • Now turn off the lights and wait for your partner to return home to a lovely and romantic surprise!

A Grand, Public Display

Kimberly - 1930s Diamond Engagement Ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry

Public proposals can be tricky, but a well orchestrated one is well worth the effort! One good idea is to keep your proposal as simple as possible—but still put on a show. A creative way to pop the question in public is to have a musician set to meet and serenade you as you go to dinner or a movie. Your partner may be amused or surprised when the musician continues following you and works their name into songs! The big reveal is a lyric asking if they will marry you, which is your cue to get down on one knee and ask the question!

Pop the Question on a Romantic Getaway

Evie - Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry

We adore this idea! A vacation PLUS a gorgeous engagement ring is always a winning combo. Plan a vacation to a tropical location, Paris, or somewhere else that is super romantic. After a few days in paradise, offer a simple proposal while strolling down the beach, shopping on the Champs-Élysées, or enjoying Tiramisu and limoncello in Florence! This plan is absolutely fool proof!

Involve your Closest Friends

Willow - Vintage Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry

This is a great proposal idea if you and your partner were introduced by friends. Start a new chapter in your lives while tying it into the wonderful friends and family who brought you together! Plan a get together with everyone and get shirts for all of your friends, each with a single letter that spells out, “WILL YOU MARRY ME!” When it's time for a group Polaroid picture, have everyone don their shirts as casually as possible—if you can keep it semi-secret, the picture should make a wonderful and delightful reveal.

The Giant Present Illusion

Nicole - Victorian Cluster Engagement Ring from Victor Barbone Jewelry

This creative way to pop the question works best on your partner's birthday or Valentine's Day, when they might be expecting a proposal. Create a big buildup to their gift. When it's time, reveal a giant box for them to open. There might be a little disappointment because it looks WAY too big to hold a ring. But opening the present reveals a smaller box inside, which holds a smaller box, and a smaller box... and the last box holds the ring!

Don’t Forget the Ring!

Here's one more hint to make your creative proposal extra special. When you pop the question, offer the perfect engagement ring!

At Victor Barboné Jewelry, we offer an expansive collection of the finest vintage engagement rings. With so many incredible styles to choose from, you’re certain to find a gorgeous ring that is perfect for the two of you!


March 21, 2017 — Andria Rogers

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