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Vintage Art Deco Engagement Rings

Bold, clean, and ever-so-sleek designs. These authentic Art Deco engagement rings have amazing details that mark a visually distinct era in history. Shop this collection of exceptional Art Deco Era rings featuring linear themes, unique shapes, intricate platinum details, old cut diamonds, and surprising designs.

Art Deco Era Jewelry Characteristics

Unlike the preceding jewelry eras—the Victorian and Edwardian eras—the Art Deco Era does not have a Royal namesake. The period from 1916-1935 was instead a celebration of the masses thanks to a booming economy that allowed more and more people to enjoy the finer things in life. The Roaring Twenties, as this period is more popularly known, is famous for jazz, flamboyance, and boldness of character. Vintage Art Deco engagement rings embody this brilliant, rebellious spirit and are a perfect option for those craving something a bit more unique.

Sharp, clean designs are prominent in jewelry of this time. As men and women cast off the restraints of Prohibition and antiquated customs, jewelers became more progressive as well, moving in a direction in complete opposition to the intricate, detailed, floral designs of previous eras. Ditching lace and lattice-work for linear and geometric patterns, Art Deco Era engagement rings make a bold statement and are clear in their message: fun, straightforward and unbreakable.

Instead of relying on complex patterns and delicate metal-working techniques, Art Deco jewelers sought to bring out the charisma of the stones themselves. Engagement bands featured a linear design with lines pointing toward the stones to showcase the magnificent cuts, colors, and play of light. Platinum was the prominent metal of the time and precious gemstones are abundant—from gorgeous diamonds to gems encompassing every color of the rainbow. There are many options to choose from as these Art Deco can range from clean and simple to rings you could never imagine until you see them.

Shop our collection of vintage Art Deco engagement rings select a truly one-of-a-kind vintage engagement ring.