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Antique & Vintage Jewelry

We have curated a collection of vintage jewels that we just adore. We have collected some of the best pieces we have found throughout the years. These pieces are from the Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, and even Georgian eras.

We just adore estate jewelry. We love how each piece is a true work of art that took time and talent to create. Antique diamonds are the most beautiful to us and we love that each piece features these beautiful items. Fine jewelry is best when it is a rare, unique piece that no one else has and that is all your own.

Wedding Jewelry

We love jewelry when it marks a special event to add more meaning to these collectible pieces. A wedding is a perfect time to add a piece to your jewelry collection. Choosing a piece with sapphires or aquamarine can create that "something blue" for your wedding day. A special pair of earrings, a beautiful necklace, or a stunning bracelet can become a future heirloom for your family packed with sentiment.

Everyday Jewelry

We are big fans of wearable jewelry which is jewelry that can be worn every day. We love studs, line bracelets, or simple necklaces to glam up your everyday. Choose studs with screw backs for earrings that you never have to worry about.

Special Occasion Jewelry

We also love those bold, glamorous pieces that you pull out just for special occasions. A decadent necklace can completely elevate a look and show off your personal style. New Year's Eve, weddings, galas, or just a night out to dinner are perfect occasions to wear your most eye-catching pieces.