Onyx is an intriguing black stone that adds depth and dimension to any piece of jewelry. This is especially true when it comes to engagement rings. Styles that feature this dark gemstone have a distinct and tantalizing charm that is simply unparalleled. If you are looking for an engagement ring that has an exceptional and always eye-catching appearance, explore the Vintage Onyx Engagement Rings within the Andria Barboné collection today!

A Distinct Design

Diamonds are celebrated for their frosty, translucent appearance. With its dark, mysterious color, onyx acts as a stylish counterpart. Completely black, these matte stones have a deep, multi-dimensional quality that is as intriguing as it is enigmatic. This provides them with a distinctly decadent look that defies convention in the most elegant way possible.

It’s rare for engagement rings to only feature onyx stones. These precious gemstones are typically included in highly detailed Art Deco designs alongside diamonds in a captivating, high-contrast configuration. The juxtaposition of onyx and diamonds further highlights the uncommon beauty of these mysterious gems, resulting in a chic, show-stopping, and ultra-refined piece of jewelry.

A Signature Appearance

The perfect combination of unconventional and cutting-edge, Onyx Engagement Rings have a gothic, noir quality that makes them perfect for modern femme fatales who were born to stand out. With plenty of stylish options to choose from, the Andria Barboné collection is sure to have a vintage design that aligns perfectly with your beloved’s signature sense of style. Shop today!