Looking for an engagement ring, but not thrilled with the more traditional options you see? Allow us to show you a few of our gorgeous and unique engagement rings that many of our customers are often searching for. From antique diamonds in newly designed settings to fully antique and vintage pieces, we have unique engagement rings for every style.

AB Made Beauties

The Carmella Ring

A chunky gold look with diamonds to match, the Carmella ring combines heavy gold and negative space in a beautiful finger-spanning design.

The Ayla Ring 


Rich gold and beautiful antique diamonds create this low-profile, incredibly unique engagement ring.

The Ronna Ring 



Featuring gorgeous chunky old mine cut diamonds with strong antique motifs, the Ronna ring is low profile, and hugs the finger for a low set look that is super comfortable for everyday wear.

The Remmy 3.00 Ring

This stunning diamond has such a beautiful deep golden color highlighted by vibrantly white, super sleek baguettes. The warm champagne color makes the Remmy a beautiful and unique engagement ring option

The Monique Ring

The unique faceting pattern and slightly light green color make this a very rare find that we don't often see. This gorgeous ring combines two of our favorite things; finger coverage and a super low profile. 

Antique beauties

The Sardonyx Ring

One of the most unique and stunning pieces in our collection, the Sardonyx ring is a true work of art. Centering not only the perfect Sapphire but also the perfect old mine cut diamond, this ring is a beautiful and rare find suitable for any collector.

The Maddox Ring

This stylish Toi Et Moi ring centers not one, but two perfect antique pear diamonds set in this bold, chunky golden ring from the renowned Parisian Jeweler Chaumet.

The Lexia Ring

This gorgeous antique Cartier piece centers a vivid and white Old European cut diamond, that is enhanced with a diamond halo and baguettes flanking each side. She sits incredibly low to the finger, which is always the biggest bonus in our book!

The Mabel Ring

Bold and elegant, the Mabel ring centers a beautifully hued emerald. Beautifully detailed and low to the finger, this antique piece is the perfect ring for the bride looking for something just a bit different but whose style is timeless.

These are just a few unique engagement rings in our ever growing collection. Contact us at info@andriabarbone.com if you’re ready to start yours.


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March 24, 2022 — Alyse Rosenblatt

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