Alyssa and Brett

We absolutely loved working with this sweet AB couple! Alyssa and Brett came in for the initial appointment together, and after narrowing down which rings she loved, Brett took over and chose the Joelle ring for her! 

Q: Why AB/ Why the Joelle ring?

     a: What initially brought us into AB was the great selection of Old Euro and Pear cut diamonds. It also seemed that AB prioritized the same diamond characteristics as I did, I wanted it to be cut well without visible inclusions, I was willing to compromise on color - AB had a great variety of diamonds that checked these boxes. Even though we visited a number of diamond retailers, we ultimately went with AB due to the extraordinary customer service we received. AB walked Brett through every stage of the process, never rushed him, and made him feel so confident in the purchase. 

     - The Joelle ring - Its just the perfect mix of classy and unique - the 'shade' of gold is so warm, not too yellow green, sometimes when you know, you know!
Q: How did you find us?
a: Instagram!
Q: How was your experience working with AB?
     a: The entire team is amazing to work with. AB went above and beyond to make our experience a happy one. It felt like the team met our level of excitement at every stage of the process, we didn't feel like just another transaction. AB made it personal to us.  
Q: How did you and Brett meet?
      a: Vegas, baby!! He was there for a conference, I was there for a bachelorette party. Apparently, he saw me around the hotel a few times before he managed the courage to introduce himself... the rest is history
Q: How did he propose?
     a: We were at home. I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, he was outside starting a fire. I went outside to join him where he surprised me with the ring and a bottle of vintage champagne... the perfect match for my antique diamond. 

Thanks for sharing Alyssa and Brett! We wish you two a lifetime of love! 

         XX- The AB Team

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April 15, 2022 — Alyse Rosenblatt

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