If you read our last blog post, then you know that vintage engagement rings and wedding rings are BIG in 2017. One reason they are trending is that they come in a wide variety of popular engagement ring styles and designs. With so many styles to choose from—not to mention the rich character and history of these treasures—you’re bound to find the perfect ring to express your love for each other. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the most popular vintage engagement ring styles and designs that you’ll find in our vintage collection.

Cluster Engagement Rings

Rings featuring gemstone clusters invite the eye with a close arrangement of precious stones set in a tantalizing design. Typically a corona of smaller diamond stones surround a larger stone in contrasting or complementary colors. Imagine a cloud of diamonds surrounding a lavishly sized emerald or a glittering oval of magnificent rubies. A stunning example of the cluster engagement ring style from the Victor Barboné collection is the Miley ring. This beauty features a perimeter of blue sapphires encircling a cluster of sparkling diamonds.

Rose Cut Diamond Rings

Accenting with rose cut diamonds is a popular engagement ring style from many vintage jewelry eras. The more natural look of this design is certain to garner attention. This style combines a sophisticated, modern appeal with unmistakable antique allure. Rose cut diamond rings often include other vintage design details as well, like clusters and fine milgrain detail. The Kiera ring is a great example, centering an old mine cut diamond with three rose cut diamonds running to each side among delicate milgrain.

Two-Tone Engagement Rings

Platinum became popular for use in jewelry near the end of the 19th century, when jewelers gained access to the tools needed to properly work this extremely durable metal. Among the earliest creations were two-tone engagement rings that combined different types of metals in a single piece. One of the most popular engagement rings designs of the time combined yellow gold and platinum. The two precious metals demonstrate a remarkable contrast of color and texture to bring extra character to the ring. Rings featuring a gold band and platinum setting are another popular vintage engagement ring style. The simple and adorable Brooklyn ring is a fine example, featuring a solitaire diamond held in a platinum prong setting with a tapered yellow gold band.

Halo Engagement Ring Designs

A popular variation of the cluster design, halo rings feature delicate diamond details surrounding a much larger stone. The larger stone could be another diamond or a precious gemstone. Sapphire and emerald are popular choices for the centerpiece stone, but you can find vintage examples with every look and color. The Adele ring is a great example of this style, featuring a halo of diamonds surrounding a unique old pear cut diamond.

Milgrain Detailing

Beaded accents add remarkable distinction and celebrate a style that is delicate and ornate. This embellishment also adds sparkle and texture to a ring for a look that is truly breathtaking. A great example is the Lucy ring, featuring a large pear cut diamond surrounded by 24 additional diamonds and embellished with exquisite milgrain detail.

Just Wedding Bands

Many married couples in the vintage eras were content to celebrate their love with just wedding bands, a practice that is resurging in popularity today. Vintage wedding bands were often simple in design but can offer subtle and lovely detailing. Often found with unique hand engravings and always carrying a rich history, their distinctiveness adds romance, drama, and character.

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February 22, 2017 — Andria Rogers

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