Vintage and antique jewelry has been a must-have in celebrity circles during recent years. It’s no surprise that going vintage is one of the biggest engagement ring trends of 2017! Let’s take a look at some of the factors that have led to this trend spreading throughout the world.

Rich History

The appeal of vintage engagement rings begins with the unique historic quality of each piece. Every one of these rings is rich with the history and events of its era and the lives of its previous owners. The designs reflect the energy and spirit of the times. The wonderful charm of these rings allows you to expand your own story with a romance of the past, taking part in a cycle of love extending even beyond your years.

Lovely One-of-a-Kind Designs

To really express your unique love for each other, you need a ring that is truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll be hard pressed to find a ring with the distinctive character and charm available from vintage and antique pieces. Take a look at the gorgeous “Jocelyn” diamond and sapphire ring form the Edwardian Era:

Amazing rings like this have stood the test of time, trending through the ages! If you’re looking for something truly special, vintage rings are definitely the way to go. For more rare designs, take a look at our Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings collection.

Vintage Rings Are Earth Friendly

If you take a social and eco-conscious approach to your purchases, buying vintage is definitely the way to go. Who knew that investing in your love could have such a great influence on the world? Vintage and antique engagement rings are eco-friendly, with ZERO impact on the environment. There is no new mining for precious metals of stones involved, no transport of materials, no labor- and resource-intensive manufacturing required. By purchasing a vintage ring, you can also avoid the risk of funding the conflict diamond trade, since vintage-era gemstones haven't been on the world diamond market for generations. With today’s focus on the health of our global environment, it’s no wonder going vintage is one of the most prominent engagement ring trends of 2017.

Vintage Jewelry Eras – Trends of the Times

One of the best parts of the vintage engagement ring trend is the wide selection of styles, thanks to the distinctive character of each jewelry era. You essentially have access to centuries of trending designs. Here is a quick guide to the qualities of each era to help you find the perfect ring for you!

Victorian Era

Victorian Era engagement rings date from 1835-1900 and the reign of Queen Victoria. Despite their age, numerous pieces from this period survive today, characterized by elaborate gold designs, large diamonds, birthstones, serpent motifs, Etruscan, Egyptian and native designs, and “mystical” gemstones, including amethyst, bloodstone, onyx, coral, and agate. The diamond solitaire engagement ring style rose in popularity during the late Victorian Era.

The “Skylar” ring is a wonderful example of iconic Victorian style: 

Edwardian Era

Edwardian Era engagement rings date from 1901-1915, during the reign of Edward VII. King Edward & Queen Alexandra were icons of fashion who wowed the world with their glamorous, delicate, and romantic style. In Edwardian Era rings, look for sultry lines, platinum bands with diamonds and/or pearls featuring marquise, emerald, baguette, and briolette cut gemstones with prominent filigree detail and feminine motifs.

The “Bethany” ring shows off many of the delightful characteristics of the Edwardian Era: 

Art Deco Period

Art Deco style engagement rings date from 1915-1935. This period includes World War I, the Jazz Age and Prohibition, the Great Depression, and the years immediately prior to World War II. Art Deco engagement and wedding rings are characterized by innovative geometric designs, large diamonds, colored accent gemstones, and platinum and white gold rings. These are often very romantic with unique, bold styles.

Art Deco design is on lavish display in the “Candice” ring: 

Retro Era

Retro Era engagement rings date from 1935-1950 and are the most recent additions to the vintage scene. These pieces feature lovely and innovative designs resulting from the emergence of newer technologies and more advanced manufacturing techniques. Look for glamorous and expressive styles, large gemstones in geometric cuts, feminine embellishments, and a playful spirit.

The "Violet" ring is a stunning example of Retro Era design: 

Make History With YOUR Vintage Engagement Ring!

Choose your story. Choose your style. Choose your history and feel. Vintage engagement rings are trending in 2017 and will be for years to come. There’s nothing to rival their distinctive feel and richness in character. Find the perfect way to express a romance that is special and everlasting.

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February 20, 2017 — Andria Rogers

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