Every month or so we list a new assortment of rings that we have spent the month collecting or creating. This month we have over 50 rings that we find quite stunning! 

For the launch, we always do a little photoshoot to collect beautiful shots of our rings. Sophie Kaye Photography is our go-to photographer. She is a wedding photographer here in NYC (but does a lot of international travel too) so we love to use her because she captures the images from a more artful perspective and in a more organic way vs. super staged. The results are always beautiful. You can see more of her work here on her Instagram.

For this photoshoot, Michelle from  Willow House Beauty, a wedding makeup artist here in NYC, did the makeup for us and we went with a natural glam look- what I always opt for. Lots of neutrals and heavy on the lashes! See more of their work on their Instagram!


We use our lovely Anna in our photos. She is a size 4.5 finger size, for reference for the photos. Since she started working with us, she has really developed a taste for vintage diamonds and her dream ring is Rayla with a yellowy diamond. 

I always love to choose what outfit Anna wears and I usually find it at Aritzia. I love everything they have. I opted for a sleek, nude slip dress with a gorgeous cream wrap sweater for those fall feels.

See the dress here and the sweater here.

Up Close with Some of Our Faves 

**Disclaimer: I love them all! My philosophy is to buy/create rings that I would be happy with keeping for myself if no one else ever wanted to buy them. I would be more than happy to keep all of these beauties for myself! :) But, alas, here they are for you.

Maddie 1.26

We created this gorgeous band based on one of the best vintage bands we ever had! The original band had 10 old European cut diamonds and went to a lovely couple to celebrate their 10 year anniversary! In this rendition, we used 8 old European cut diamonds and we love how low-profile this beauty is. The two-tone (platinum baskets on 18kt yellow gold ring) makes it super versatile.


We created this ring for this gorgeous rose cut we found. This rose cut diamond is spectacular and photos don't quite do it justice. It is juicier and livelier than most rose cuts I see. The chunkiness of the stone inspired the "chunkier" setting which I really like and see as just a hair more fashion-forward. I don't find rose cuts like this often so don't hesitate on this one!


This is *probably* my favorite of the bunch. It is a replica of a gorgeous authentic vintage ring we once had (that went to a lovely customer). I loved that ring so much and I am thanking my jewelers for being able to bring it back! It features a gorgeous antique 2.22 carat old mine cut with old European cut diamonds decorating the platinum-topped 18kt yellow gold setting. I am a big fan of this shape of ring with that "cigar-band" outline. Low-profile but high-brow.


A definite crowd favorite. This stunner centers a whopping 4.72 carat Asccher cut diamond that we created a super clean and simple golden setting for. This diamond is not a common find so once she's gone, she's gone for good!


Wow. Pure wowwwww. I am not even traditionally an East-West type gal but this one has captured my heart. The diamond has the lightest of Champagne hues which lends a cooler (temperature) tone to the diamond and the way it shines is just so captivating. It is large enough that it spans the finger perfectly. The bezel is so perfectly neat and crisp and the more delicate shank makes it easy to stack with. Personally, we loved it stacked with a Perfect Band on each side but it would look amazing stacked any way- maybe with a Perfect Band and the vintage Tiffany Estelle French cut band. This is a clear winner in my book and one I predict will sell quickly!


and there are so many more amazing pieces. Click to shop all the Freshly Added Beauts!
















































September 21, 2019 — Andria Rogers

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