There are many factors to consider when selecting an engagement ring. While searching for the perfect setting, gemstone cut, and metal type, it’s easy to overlook which style will truly suit the shape of your hand. While every diamond ring is sure to look beautiful, choosing a ring that compliments your hand’s unique features will make it that much more stunning when it is finally on your finger. Here’s how to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand.

Long Fingers

When fingers are longer than average, it’s especially important to consider what type of ring will best compliment her hand. In general, opt for an engagement ring that features an oval, pear, or marquise cut diamond. Any oblong stone will look that much more elegant on a longer finger.

Long, slender fingers lend themselves well to ring styles of all kinds and showcase virtually every type of engagement ring beautifully. A classic diamond solitaire with a slightly wider or thicker band won’t overwhelm and will be perfectly showcased—especially when the diamond is a round cut or cushion cut.

Short Fingers

When it comes to shorter fingers, a solitaire style is always an excellent choice. Be sure, however, that the band is not too thick. Wide bands can make fingers appear stocky and draw attention to the fact that her fingers are short. A very thin band is the best choice for this finger type.

Large Hands

Those with large hands have a unique challenge when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring. A large, statement-making center stone is a necessity if you want a ring to look impressive on this type of hand. Halo rings or bezel settings are an excellent option, as the presence of diamonds or metal encircling the center stone will successfully make the ring appear more substantial in size. Similarly, three stone engagement rings are statement-making enough to stand out on larger hands.

Another way to make the ring look more generous is to choose one with an intricate band. Vintage styles with elegant details throughout the setting are an excellent choice. A split shank or twisted shank adds volume and beautiful features to a ring while also making it appear larger in size. 

Small Hands

Those with dainty, petite hands have an advantage when it comes to engagement rings. Simple solitaires or rings with tension settings are the perfect pick for those with smaller hands, as they allow the diamond center stone to truly stand out. With that said, going overboard isn’t always the answer. Smaller hands look best with engagement rings that are equally as dainty in design.

When choosing a ring for someone with small hands, make sure that the band is thin and delicate. Wide bands or overly intricate designs will overwhelm and look awkward when placed on smaller hands. Choose something simple, elegant, and demure to create a cohesive overall look.

Wide Fingers

Those with wide fingers, chubby hands, or large knuckles should choose their engagement ring style very carefully. It’s important that not too much skin is shown on each side of the center stone, as that can draw more attention to larger than average hands. Large solitaires or three-stone styles work well for this reason, as the presence of more stones will be in perfect harmony with the size of her hand.

If your budget does not allow for larger diamonds, a halo ring is a great way to create the illusion of a more substantial ring. A halo diamond with a split shank band, for instance, is wide enough to balance her proportions but is still dainty and delicate in design.

Find The Perfect Ring Today!

The size and shape of your beloved’s hand should be carefully considered when deciding which engagement ring will look the best. With a variety of styles and settings to choose from, determining the ideal fit will help narrow down your options and ensure your final pick perfectly complements her unique features.  

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February 13, 2019 — Andria Rogers

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