While diamond rings are traditional for engagement rings, you shouldn’t feel like you are limited to them when it comes to picking an engagement ring. Styles that feature other precious gemstones are delightfully unique and can bear special significance. Before defaulting to a traditional diamond ring, be sure to consider these great alternative engagement ring stones! These gemstones are often paired with diamonds for a truly breathtaking look!


Rubies provide any piece of jewelry with a luxurious and decadent design. While natural rubies can be dusty pink in color, the blood-red variety are the most valuable. When included in an engagement ring, they impart a refined appearance that is irresistible, eye-catching, and impossible to ignore.

Throughout history, rubies have been a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and success. Once considered the “Stone of Kings,” you can find rubies featured in many vintage and modern jewelry pieces. No matter if your beloved has an affinity for medieval times or just wants a ring that makes a stylish statement, a ruby engagement ring is an exceptional pick!


There’s nothing quite like the brilliant green glow of an emerald! With a color that’s both striking and sophisticated, these intense gemstones are undeniably elegant. Colorful and captivating, they are an excellent option for anyone looking for a unique alternative engagement ring stone.

First embraced by the Incas and the Aztecs, emeralds have been used in jewelry for ages. Europeans later discovered emerald mines in South America, and these precious stones quickly became a fixture in royal crowns and other jewelry. President John F. Kennedy even proposed to the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis with a stunning emerald and diamond engagement ring! A sophisticated stone with an elegant, organic quality, an emerald is sure to give any ring an elevated, stunning appearance!


Although sapphires can be found in a variety of colors, they are traditionally a deep, dark blue. Their enchanting appearance captures the heart and imagination. Often paired with diamonds to create a delightful contrast, engagement rings with blue sapphires are as bold as they are beautiful.

This stone’s enigmatic appearance has made it a longtime symbol of divinity. In the Middle Ages, high-ranking members of the clergy were often adorned in sapphires, as they were believed to encourage heavenly blessings.

Another chapter was added to the rich history of sapphire jewelry when the beloved Princess Diana chose an engagement ring with a 12-carat sapphire—an act that supposedly outraged the royal family at the time due to its unconventional style. Now, the very same ring is worn by Kate Middleton, the poised and polished Duchess of York! If your beloved is a stylish sophisticate who isn’t afraid of standing out, a sapphire engagement ring is a wonderful choice!


Usually accompanied by diamonds or other precious gemstones, it’s easy to find engagement ring styles that feature pearls in their design. No matter if they accent the center stone or act as the main event, pearls feature a distinct opalescent luster that is immediately recognizable and beautiful to behold. 

The allure of pearls is due in part to their historical significance. They are the world’s oldest gemstone and have been considered a precious material for what seems like forever. As early as 2300 BC, pearls were worn by royalty to indicate their vast wealth. Uniquely elegant, the precious pearl remains a symbol of refinement to this day. Pearls are an alternative stone that are used in only the most opulent and sophisticated engagement rings.


Onyx is an incredible gemstone that features a magnificent matte black color. With a gorgeous yet gothic appearance, the mysterious nature of this stone makes it endlessly captivating. When used as an engagement ring’s center stone, the result is a rebellious piece of jewelry that boldly defies tradition!

This enchanting stone has long been believed to have magical properties. Bold and beautiful, this mysterious black stone is said to protect the person wearing it from harm. If your beloved has a rock-n-roll edge and marches to the beat of her own drummer, she’s sure to fall in love with the dark and decadent look of an onyx engagement ring!

Find The Perfect Ring

Although diamond engagement rings are always a great option, more and more couples are choosing rings with alternative gemstone. These stones have an unforgettable appearance that every woman is sure to appreciate.

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February 13, 2019 — Andria Rogers

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