When buying an engagement ring online, it can often be difficult to gauge what a ring would look like on your hand. There are a few ways to solve this dilemma! Here are three solutions that we like:

1. This quick size guide:

Carat Size Guide

2. The Beaumade app

This innovative app allows you to take a photo of your hand and virtually "try-on" rings!

3. Ask for dimensions!

You can ALWAYS Contact Us! We are here to help you find your dream ring so never hesitate to reach out for photos, videos, or any other pertinent information!

 If these solutions fail you, then you can always rely on our 5 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows you to buy with confidence!

January 09, 2017 — Andria Rogers


Sherry Layton said:

I love the Nora ring. Its sold out. Will you make that ring again? What is approximate price?

Thanks Sherry Layton Parker Properties

Carolyn said:

Great post and thanks for laying those different size rings next to each other. Truly helps visualize!

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