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If your partner has petite hands, ensure the ring you choose looks even more impressive by selecting the right setting, cut, size, and style. Here’s your guide to the best engagement rings for small fingers!

But first, what is considered "small"?

We size hundreds of fingers each year and can say with confidence that a size 6 ring finger is the most "medium" size. We consider anything under size 5 to be "small", which is what this post will focus on. 

The Setting

A solitaire setting looks beautiful on any hand, no matter its shape or size. Thanks to its minimal design, this classic style is the best engagement ring style for small hands. 

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To add an interesting twist to this traditional look, consider a bezel setting, which encircles the center stone in a graceful halo of metal, making it a perfect engagement ring for small hands or short fingers.

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bezel set engagement ring for small fingers

Pictured above: Our VB-Made Joelle setting.

Three-stone engagement ring settings can also be appropriate if you want to increase the amount of sparkle present. When shopping for someone with thin fingers, just be sure to select a setting that features a center stone flanked by smaller diamonds, rather than three equally sized stones. The smaller side stones will look sleeker on a slimmer finger.

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three stone engagement ring for small hands

Pictured above: Our VB-Made Kiara setting.

The Size

A perk of having petite fingers is that small diamonds look much more substantial. With that said, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to the size of your center stone. Depending on the size of your finger, if the ring’s diamond surpasses 2-carats, it can start to look disproportionate.

Interestingly enough, some of the largest diamonds we've sold (3+ carats) have gone to gals with the smallest fingers! It just goes to show you this all comes down to personal preference.

But if you have smaller fingers you can definitely take advantage of the fact that demure diamonds can look larger on your hand. Consider choosing a more modest center stone without losing any "wow" factor. This diamond below is just over 1-carat and looks amazing on this size 4.5 finger!

1 carat diamond ring on a small hand 

If you have your heart set on a halo setting, be sure that the center stone is small enough to accommodate a halo without the entire look being too extravagant—unless you love a really bold look! Here's a great example.

halo engagement ring for a small hand

Pictured above: Our VB-made Ave setting.

The Band

Thin bands are ideal for those with slender fingers and small hands. A thin band will also make the ring’s center stone look more prominent and impressive. This makes it the best engagement ring style for small fingers. In contrast, a thick band takes up lots of space and can leave fingers looking short and stout.

Our VB-Made Bella and Marielle settings are great examples of a thin band on an engagement ring:

Thin band engagement ringthin band vintage ring

The Cut

When selecting an engagement ring for a woman with small fingers, choosing the correct cut is key. While a round diamond is always an excellent choice, an oval diamond is an ideal pick for people with petite hands. When set vertically upon a thin metal band, it elongates the fingers and imparts a decidedly feminine appearance. 

Another great choice is an Old Mine Cut diamond, specifically if you can find an elongated Old Mine Cut. Elongated OMCs are harder and harder to come by, so if you're lucky enough to find one in your budget we suggest acting quickly as it likely won't be available for long! 


Band Pairings for Small Hands

While stacked styles look dynamic and incredibly detailed, they are not always a good choice for women with small fingers. There is simply less room for multiple bands to reside, and the resulting look can quickly become crowded. Instead, opt for an engagement ring paired with a beautifully simple wedding band. Our Perfect Band is the "ahem" perfect choice 😉.

Effortless elegance is always in style, and a slender wedding band imparts a sweet, understated look that is perfect for small hands.

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Find The Perfect Ring

Conclusion: If you have a smaller finger size (under size 5) - which ring is best for you all comes down to one thing - personal preference! There is no one-size-fits-all answer. We've sold hundreds of rings to women with small fingers and they've chosen every style and size under the sun and all have looked absolutely fabulous. We hope this article helps guide you in the right direction though!

No matter your ring size or budget - it’s easy to find the perfect ring at Victor Barboné. Explore our expansive collection of vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings today. We carry a full range of setting styles, cuts, diamonds and gemstones, bands, and more!

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February 04, 2019 — Darren Boulton

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