Active women don’t want to spend all day worrying about the integrity of their engagement ring. If your beloved participates in high-impact activities, has an energetic job, or hobbies that require using her hands, be sure to get her a ring that won’t be prone to breaking, chipping, or damage during wear. Here are some styles to keep in mind when shopping for the best engagement rings for an active lifestyle.

Platinum Settings

There are plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to engagement ring metals. While gold is one of the most popular and affordable metals used to make jewelry, active women should hesitate before committing to it. Gold is a relatively soft metal that is especially prone to scratching, breaking, and visible signs of wear.

Platinum can be a better option for those who lead an active lifestyle. It is the densest precious metal available and is much stronger and more durable than gold. It also will never fade and can regain its original luster, which can’t be said about gold. You also never have to worry about the delicate prongs of your engagement ring breaking on a platinum setting. Platinum is a bit more expensive, but its resilience is worth the extra cost.

Bezel Settings

Although they can be beautiful, solitaire engagement rings that feature prongs and a high profile may not be the best match for women with active lifestyles. If the stone has exposed sides, there is a greater chance it will snag on clothing or get damaged during wear. Instead, opt for a beautiful bezel setting, which will keep the center stone much more secure.

Bezel settings have a sleek, contemporary appearance that continues to grow in popularity. Bezel settings feature a center stone that is completely surrounded by metal, which greatly reduces the chances of the stone getting loose and falling out of the setting during wear.

Channel Settings

An engagement ring that features multiple diamonds is undeniably gorgeous. With that said, prongs are more likely to snag, bend, or break, which could result in diamonds falling out of the ring and getting lost for good. To avoid this problem, consider choosing an engagement ring that features a band with a channel setting.

Rings with a channel setting feature a row of gemstones that are firmly secured between two small strips of metal. This makes it more difficult for them to snag or fall out during frequent wear. If you are considering an engagement ring that features a band dotted with diamonds, consider a channel setting for additional peace of mind.

More Great Styles

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January 28, 2019 — Andria Rogers

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