All About Champagne Diamonds & Why We Love Them

Allow us to convince you why you need a little Champagne 🍾  for your campaign. 

What is a Champagne colored diamond?

A champagne colored diamond is still a diamond, just one with slightly warmer tones. These diamonds are often lower on the color scale, and can range from lighter yellows and browns to fancy brown and oranges. They're sometimes referred to as cognac diamonds as well.

 Champagne Pear Engagement Ring 

Technically speaking, per the GIA, the color in natural brown diamonds is caused by internal parallel brown grain lines due to distortion of the crystal lattice (arrangement of molecules). Science! 

Where do Champagne colored diamonds come from?

Mainly Australia! 🇦🇺 

Are Champagne diamonds more expensive than other diamonds?

It depends. 

One of the things we love about champagne diamonds is that they tend to be less expensive than higher colored stones, giving you more bang for your buck. 

However, certain champagne diamonds are very rare (especially in the antique world) and therefore more expensive. The good news is we can usually source a lovely champagne stone for most budgets!

What we love about Champagne colored diamonds

1.) The color, especially paired with our signature yellow gold settings.

2 carat champagne color engagement ring

Champagne color ring


2.) They are very unique, often bold vs a traditional white diamond color.

unique cognac color diamond ring

3.) We find them to be very fashion forward

Champagne Engagement Ring Model

Champagne diamond engagement rings for sale

A word from V. Barboné owner Andria on her love of champagne diamonds:


Our Top 10 Champagne colored engagement rings

1.) Marielle 5.06 Champagne

Our favorite design centering one of our all-time favorite diamonds! This irreplaceable beauty is in this gorgeous light champagne hue with a deliciously chunky shape. The side stones are the perfect accoutrement in a contrasting vibrant, white color to better display the color of the center stone. 

2.) Hunter 1.71

So chic and so unique. The gold adds a boldness to this low-profile stunner. The diamond has a beautiful hue and great spread to it. 

3.) Isadora 2.12

A chunky golden number that we just adore! This stone has the perfect champagne hue and gorgeous floral faceting. 

4.) Donyale

Not for the faint of heart, this bold beauty offers ample finger coverage with one of the most unique diamonds we've encountered. A delightful champagne color set in a sleek golden bezel makes a statement on any finger you wear it. 

5.) Marielle 2.46

Our favorite design featuring 3 beautifully hued champagne colored diamonds. The cut of the center stone creates a fiery disco ball effect that we can't get enough of!

6.) Jen 6.82

This stone is incredibly special. Its elongated, oval-like shape is one of our most requested, and one of the hardest shapes to find! It is a bit on the flatter side so it faces up like a larger carat than it actually is. The gorgeous champagne color glistens perfectly, and only adds to the rarity of this stone.

7.) Aurora 5.01

This elegant pear diamond with its warm, golden tones is perfectly at home in this sleek, golden, low-profile setting. The ultimate glam that is also a little different from what you see everyday.

8.) Remmy 3.00

If you don't know by now, we love our champagne diamonds. This stunning diamond has such a beautiful deep golden color highlighted by vibrantly white, super sleek baguettes.

9.) Donatella 2.31

This diamond has a beautiful champagne hue with that dream chunky old mine cut shape. Set in this finger-spanning solitaire setting for a very antique feel.

10.) Kendra 5.03


This diamond is spectacular! A perfect, pillowy shape in a gorgeous, deep golden color with undertones that change in different lighting situations. This beautiful stone has incredible fire and is set in a delicate bezel setting.

Our inventory is always changing and each ring is one of a kind. View our current collection of champagne engagement rings here.

Where to buy a champagne diamond

Whether you're local, making a trip to New York City, or shopping from afar online, Andria Barboné Jewelry is your best choice to buy an antique champagne diamond. Since we specialize in antique diamonds and we have a fond love of champagne colored stones, we are your best bet if you're in the market for a brown-hued beauty.

You can browse our current in-stock collection or contact us to source your dream stone for a custom project.

June 17, 2022 — Darren Boulton

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