Anthony and Jocelyn

We absolutely loved working with this sweet AB couple! Anthony knew that Jocelyn is a big fan of AB, and especially the Benedicte ring. He reached out to us to create a custom Benedicte that was perfect for both of them, and the rest is history!

Q: Why AB/ Why the Benedicte ring?

   a: Jocelyn loves the antique style and uniqueness of all of the jewelry carried by Andria Barboné. She has admired AB jewelry for years and has loved the Benedicte ring since seeing the original version on their website. When the topic of marriage came up between us, naturally a discussion regarding wedding rings followed and Jocelyn didn’t hold back on sharing her love for AB. During my search for a ring for Jocelyn I came across many beautiful AB options but kept coming back to the Benedicte.  

Q: How did you find us?
   a: Jocelyn found AB on Instagram!
Q: How was your experience working with AB?
     a:  Our experience has been great. Working with AB was easy; they were supportive, professional, and knowledgeable. They guided me in creating the perfect Benedicte for us. We ended up needing to resize the ring and found this process to be seamless as well. We live on the west coast and AB made it easy to work together despite being across the country from us. 
Q: How did you and Brett meet?
      a: Jocelyn and I met on a dating app during the pandemic. 
Q: How did you propose?
     a:  Dare I say we were having a bad day? We were home and Jocelyn was unreasonably grumpy. I figured what better way to turn things around than by giving her a beautiful ring and asking her to marry me. I gave the ring to my toddler, Bennett, and we found Jocelyn in the bedroom. Bennett presented the ring to her and immediately tried to put it on her finger while I asked her to marry us. Now we get to love each other forever, including the bad days. :)

Thanks for sharing Anthony and Jocelyn! We wish you two a lifetime of love! 

         XX- The AB Team

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May 25, 2022 — Alyse Rosenblatt

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