With a focus on antiques, we try to stay away from trends, per se, but there are some timeless styles that we think are going to rise to the top in popularity in 2022! 

Bezel Set rings

First up: Bezel-Set Beauties. This chic and protective setting is gaining in popularity and we're all for it! For those of you that want a traditional solitaire but fear it may be too simple for your liking, choosing a bezel is a great way to add some zest to the classic look of a single stone ring.

There's definitely more than one way to bezel:

- You can go delicate as a great way to outline or highlight the diamond while still keeping it simple

-A nice, think bezel is great for those that love a chunkier, metal-heavy look

-A very antique and VB fave: the Collet style or "cut-down". The "collet" setting is a classic antique look that combines both the bezel and the prongs for a beautiful vintage feel yet feels very on trend with today's styles.   

Some of our best bezels: Joelle 2.28PerlaAllieGeorgette.                                                                                                                                                                                

Pears and Elongated Shapes

Pears are known and loved for being a bit more unique and for providing killer finger coverage. Pear-shaped diamonds tend to look larger than round diamonds, making this a go-to for buyers after a large and in charge look! These gorgeous diamonds vary in length and width, which helps ensure there is a perfectly flattering shape for your finger.

vintage tiffany & co old mine cut diamond ring

The beloved Alyse.

Along with pears, elongated old mine cut diamonds are all the rage. They continue to be our most requested diamond shape and also continue to be one of the most challenging to find! Our clients just have amazing taste and and know what's the most rare! ;)  These diamonds will continue to be a fan favorite of all of our followers, clients, and VB team, so when you see one pop up, be sure to grab it before it's gone!

Marquise and oval are also great elongated shapes that have been en vogue the past couple of years and we think will continue to trend, but we think pears are this year's hot shape!

diamond rings

Some elongated rings we're loving: Whitney 3.04Gretchen 2.19Paige 3.26.

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings may be an up-and-coming trend in 2022 but they have always been a staple in our VB collection. We love these beauties because of their AMAZING finger coverage, their great stack-ability, and because you get not 1 but 3 amazing antique diamonds. These pieces can still have a clean and minimal look but 3 stones adds just a touch of "something different". 

Our beloved original design: Marielle.


Out of the Ordinary

We pride ourselves on having traditional options while still also providing many unique finds you won't find in your average jeweler’s collection! We are constantly seeing people seek out options that stray from a typical idea of an engagement ring (but anything can be an engagement ring if you want it to be!). Whether it be a funky diamond, a gorgeous colored gem, a design you've never seen before, or a stunning Toi et Moi ring, we pride ourselves in finding our clients unique heirlooms that they will treasure forever. 


Some unique beauties: Julian 4.29Mallory 4.21OakleyMaddox


Whether you choose a ring on trend or not, a piece of jewelry that you adore will never go out of style. The most important thing is that it feels right for YOU. And- the best thing about antique stones- they have been adored for centuries so we're sure that's not going to change anytime soon!

January 28, 2022 — Alyse Rosenblatt

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