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The reigning queen of England from 1837 until her death in 1901, Queen Victoria was an incredibly popular British monarch. The young, fashionable Victoria was just 18 when she was crowned Queen, and she was a breath of fresh air to the British people. She not only changed the world in a variety of ways, but also started traditions that are still relevant in modern society. Learn more about her influence and royal romance with Prince Albert, and discover rings from the Victor Barboné collection with a similar style to Queen Victoria’s engagement ring. 

A Legendary Romance

Queen Victoria was a royal figure during one of the most progressive eras in her country’s history. People admired her, and virtually everyone in Western world was influenced by her fashion and lifestyle choices during the aptly named Victorian Era. She and her beloved Prince Albert met when they were both 16, instantly took a liking to one another, and were eventually encouraged to marry. Because she was already Queen by the time of their romance, Victoria had to propose to Prince Albert rather than the other way around.

A Unique Engagement Ring

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Despite their unique proposal, Prince Albert still gave Queen Victoria a gorgeous engagement ring. Shaped like a serpent, the ring included small rubies, diamonds, and an emerald, which was Queen Victoria’s birthstone. Although unconventional by today’s standards, at the time snakes were a symbol of wisdom and commitment. It was also common during this era for engagement rings to feature birthstones rather than diamonds.

An Iconic Wedding

The couple said their vows in an impressive royal ceremony at St. James Palace in London in 1840. Queen Victoria’s wedding dress was an intricate white satin gown that featured delicate lace accents. She accessorized her look with a long, gossamer veil that measured nearly 4-yards in length, which complimented her gown’s 18-foot long train.

Before this royal wedding, brides typically wore their finest gown on their wedding day, regardless of its color. After Queen Victoria wore a white dress, however, women worldwide wanted to copy the fashionable royal wedding day look. Thus, the lasting tradition of a bride wearing a white dress with a long train began!

A Beautiful Love Story

Although royals are better known for marrying to advance their position, it was clear that Queen Victoria and Albert were truly in love. Diary entries from her marriage prove that she was head-over-heels for her beloved long after their wedding day. The couple went on to have 9 children.

Similar Engagement Rings From Victor Barboné

Queen Victoria was a fashion influencer who wrote her own rules. If you want your personal style to take center stage during your engagement, follow in the fashion-forward Queen’s famous footsteps, and opt for an uncommon vintage engagement ring. The Victor Barboné collection features uniquely elegant designs that will pleasantly surprise everyone. Here are just a few: