We spend our time sourcing the most beautiful natural antique diamonds and other rare stones. Our jewels are designed and made right here in New York’s Diamond District, where we carefully consider each diamond and gemstone and craft a setting to perfectly complement the beauty and individuality of each precious stone. 

In addition to our own creations, we have a large collection of authentic  antique and vintage jewelry ranging from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Mid-Century and Retro eras. We are always in search of the beautiful, the unique, and the rare, and have curated a collection of historic pieces that both honor the past and fit beautifully  into our modern world.

Your future heirloom is waiting for you.


Andria  is originally from small-town Ohio where she always dreamed of a world filled with beautiful and meaningful things. While attending college in Charleston, SC, a town full of history, Andria began developing a love for antiques and spent her time exploring the old, cobble-stoned streets and admiring the city’s famed historic homes.

Andria Barboné was born from Andria’s own journey to find her dream engagement ring. After a long search without much luck in the modern diamond world, she finally stumbled across antique diamonds and fell in love. They looked different from everything else she’d seen: both unique and beautiful. It was exactly what she had been looking for but never knew existed. She thought to herself that if other people knew about these beautiful stones, they would love them, too.

In 2015, Andria began buying and selling antique pieces out of her small apartment. With no previous connection to the jewelry world, Andria taught herself about the art of design, the ins and outs of the diamond world, and all about antique jewelry. In 2016, Andria brought the company to 47th Street, the heart of New York City’s Diamond District, and in the years since, has grown Andria Barboné into one of the largest collections of old cut diamonds and antique and vintage jewelry in the industry. 

True to form, she now lives in a 200 year old house in Westchester, NY with her high school sweetheart Darren, their children Henry and Vivienne, and dogs Charlie and Winston.