When a style is simple and classic, sometimes the smallest details have an incredible impact on the appeal of a ring’s overall design. Tapered Engagement Rings are the perfect example of a subtle detail that can elevate a piece of jewelry from ordinary to unforgettable! Victor Barboné’s collection of vintage and antique engagement rings with tapered settings is sure to exceed your expectations!

A Dainty Detail

Engagement rings with tapered bands have a straightforward appearance that maintains a graceful simplicity. While some settings taper outwardly, the majority feature a shank that gradually thins as it approaches the center stone. With a sleek, stylish, symmetrical design, rings that include this subtle detail have a unique appearance that sets them apart.

Not only does a tapered shank add an unparalleled sense of style, it also has an added benefit. A smaller band on each side of the center gemstone creates an optical effect that makes the diamond appear even larger. Tapered settings add visual appeal and allow your glittering diamond to look larger and more prominent!

Stylish & Straightforward

Although uncomplicated, Tapered Engagement Rings have an understated elegance that can be more impactful than an over-designed ring with too many details. If you are looking for a classic ring that is modest but intriguing, you can’t go wrong with one of these beautiful settings. Victor Barboné is sure to have a tapered ring that perfectly matches your significant other’s simple and understated style. Shop today!