The most classic symbol of everlasting commitment is certainly a diamond solitaire. When it comes to engagement rings, this design has an enduring beauty that never goes out of style. Victor Barboné’s collection of Vintage Solitaire Engagement Rings is exceptional and expansive. Choose from our many options to find the perfect fit!

Simple & Elegant

A solitaire setting is one that features a single center stone, which allows the scintillating diamond to truly make a statement. With nothing to detract from the brilliance of the diamond, the style and sparkle are showcased in a way that is truly unrivaled by more intricate settings!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking solitaires are too simple, though! Their subtle style is what makes them eternally elegant and incredibly versatile. Solitaire engagement rings can feature a diamond of virtually any shape or cut, giving you a wide variety of options. Subtle details like the type of metal, the shape of the band, and other minute features like the number of prongs can also combine to create a unique ring that perfectly compliments your fiancé’s individual sense of style.

Eternally Stylish

The timeless nature of Vintage Solitaire Engagement Rings makes them a must have when looking for an engagement ring that will withstand the test of time. Their perennial popularity means that this symbol of your love will be in style forever! Find the perfect diamond solitaire to symbolize your eternal love by selecting a ring from Victor Barboné’s incredible selection. Shop today!