Warm, alluring, and right on trend, rose gold is an incredible metal with a lustrous finish and a subtle hint of pink. While rose gold engagement rings have recently risen in popularity, this style has long been a fashion-forward alternative to traditional settings. Victor Barboné has a curated collection of vintage rose gold engagement rings! Find the perfect ring today!

Distinctly Stylish

Rose gold jewelry was first worn in Russia during the 19th century, before becoming a popular component in engagement ring settings during the Victorian Era. This metal fell out of popularity during the Art Deco period, where glittering platinum was the preferred medium of the time. The current desire for uniquely styled engagement rings, however, has allowed this gorgeous metal to again capture the hearts of women worldwide.

The appeal of rose gold is obvious. It’s more unique than traditional engagement ring settings like yellow gold, platinum and silver. Plus, it has such rich, warm undertones that are simply stunning! A vintage rose gold engagement ring is perfect for any woman who is equal parts sweet and stylish and wants a ring that reflects her individual charm!

Feminine & Sophisticated

Rose gold rings have an incredibly feminine look, featuring a delightful glow that really highlights diamonds and other gemstones. For an on-trend engagement ring with a vivid look and fascinating history, you can’t go wrong with a Rose Gold style from Victor Barboné’s beautiful collection of engagement rings. Shop today!