Ah, the rose. What better flower for romance? And what better diamond than a rose cut for a romantic engagement ring? As the precursor to the round cut, vintage rose cut engagement rings are beautiful and undeniably unique. Paired with a lovely assortment of clusters, halo settings, and more, our hand-picked collection features the best of what the rose cut has to offer!

A Brief History Of The Rose Cut

While the rose cut is sometimes confused with the round brilliant cut, the two have little in common beyond their shape. The main difference is that the rose cut is older—much older. Adapted from old mine cuts and old European cuts, rose cut engagement rings date all the way back to the early 1500s! They remained popular through the 19th Century and are a rare treasure today!

Floral Inspirations

Inspired by the rose and its narrowing spiral of petals, rose cut diamonds can be any shape. While the round brilliant cut typically has a pointed culet, the rose cut is flat on the bottom. Rose cut diamonds may have anywhere from 3 to 24 facets, giving them a somewhat subdued look.

Even with fewer facets, vintage rose cut engagement rings offer a unique and lovely shine. Open settings enhance the brilliance of the cut by allowing more light to shine through. Other designs pair additional diamonds or stones in clusters or halo arrangements to draw out the sparkle as well!

Benefits Of Rose Cut Diamonds

What makes vintage rose cuts one of a kind? Here are just a few of the reasons to fall in love with them:

  • Rose cuts pair well with both crisp white diamonds and stones with softer, more subtle hues
  • Rose cuts complement fancy colored diamonds beautifully
  • A rose cut is a gorgeous cut of any carat size

Find The Perfect Ring

Browse our collection below, and you’re sure to find even more reasons to love rose cut engagement rings!

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