For an engagement ring that is exquisite, opulent, and feminine, you can’t go wrong with a style that includes an elegant oval diamond or gemstone. Luxurious and graceful, ovals add drama and sophistication to any piece. You’ll find a variety of vintage oval engagement rings in the Victor Barboné collection that are sure to speak to your beloved’s impeccable sense of style.

A Beautiful Appearance

With a shape that lies between a round cut and marquise cut, oval cut diamonds provide the best of both. The round edges are inherently graceful, while the oblong shape is rare, without being excessively unusual.

Oval gemstones can also be placed within a setting in two distinctive ways, each which imparts a unique appearance. An engagement ring with a vertical oval center stone elongates the finger of the wearer and gives her hand an elegant, lithe appearance. When an oval center stone is set horizontally, the resulting look is undeniably eye-catching and refreshingly refined. A halo of diamond surrounding an oval gemstone is also a very popular and timeless style!

A Stunning Selection

Oval engagement rings have an amplified appearance, no matter their style or setting. There are so many wonderful styles to choose from. You can find halos, three-stone settings, and solitaires that all feature this unique cut! Within the stunning Victor Barboné collection, it’s easy to find an oval cut engagement ring that perfectly aligns with your beloved’s unique tastes. Shop today!