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The craftsmen behind these vintage designs were so proud of their creations they left their signature! Our collection of vintage name brand engagement rings features a beautiful array of pieces that include designer inscriptions. From Tiffany to Cartier, these pieces are from some of the most recognized and revered brands in the industry. Relish the history of these amazing jewelers with a timeless engagement ring from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco Eras!

Vintage Treasures From Top Jewelers

Here are just a few of the exceptional designers you’ll find in this collection:

  • Tiffany & Co. - Need we say more? Originally founded in Connecticut in 1837, Tiffany would soon move to Lower Manhattan, where they would ascend to the throne of iconic New York fashion. Famous for their timeless taste, Tiffany also developed the quintessential prong diamond setting!
  • J.E. Caldwell - Founded in Philadelphia in 1839, J.E. Caldwell adapted European style for an American clientele, becoming an integral trend-setter in Art Nouveau and Art Deco fashion. After closing in 2009, J.E. Caldwell jewelry is highly coveted—especially for their signed vintage pieces!
  • Cartier - Founded in Paris in 1847, Cartier is known worldwide for its stunning selection of jewelry and wristwatches! When it comes to name brand engagement rings, Cartier is a must!
  • Birks - Founded in Montreal in 1879, Birks later spread to the United States. Their renowned craftsmanship continues to earn them recognition from some of the most prestigious international organizations.
  • Marcus & Co. - Founded in 1850 by Herman Marcus, a German immigrant and former Tiffany craftsman, Marcus & Co. (later Starr & Marcus with T.B. Starr) created some truly unique vintage jewelry. Branching out from traditional white diamonds, Marcus & Co. specialized in various colored stones, along with enameling and Renaissance / Egyptian revival pieces.
  • And More!

You never know what you’ll find in our collection of vintage designer engagement rings. Only one thing is certain—it will be remarkable!

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