Vintage filigree engagement rings feature intricate designs and complex details that capture the imagination. These vintage settings are as ornate as they are elegant. She’ll fall in love at first sight. Victor Barboné has an unmatched collection of filigree engagement rings that are full of vintage sophistication.

Distinctly Feminine

Anyone who loves vintage or antique rings is sure to appreciate the delicate design work present in each of these styles. The settings are hallmarked by a fine metal scrollwork, which showcases an era when craftsmanship was of the utmost importance. Intricate settings add dimension and visual interest to each engagement ring, enhancing the beauty of the center stones and creating a look with instant appeal!

Although made of metal, these designs have an organic feel that makes them soft, feminine, and incredibly romantic! From elaborate latticework to web-like details, the vintage style present in each of these rings makes them the perfect pick for a ring that stands out in the best way possible. Filigree rings are reminiscent of old world elegance, making them perfect for any woman who wants to feel like a fairytale princess.

Always Unique

Finding the perfect filigree setting is easy! If your future bride is drawn to exceptional, extravagant, and elegant rings, the perfect filigree engagement ring is sure to take her breath away. The Victor Barboné collection features vintage styles that will surely bring your love to life. Shop today!