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Golden bubbles of champagne and rich amber avalanches of whiskey always look better when held in a jeweled hand! Enter: cocktail rings. Victor Barboné offers a full collection of vintage cocktail rings with many unique and gorgeous options to choose from.

A Brief History Of Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings became popular during the 1920s when Prohibition made alcohol illegal and, inevitably, more fashionable than ever before. The cocktail was created as a remedy to the cheap (and potent!) bootleg liquor available at the time, and the creativity behind the bar extended to the style of the era: elegantly larger than life. The cocktail ring became the perfect garnish to the perfect glass.

The 20s were also a time of liberation for women’s fashion. Speakeasies were the ideal venue for men and women to mingle, dance, and for the first time, drink and smoke in each other’s company. Women started wearing their hair short and their skirts shorter—but vintage cocktail rings were anything but skimpy.

These rings offered a provocative enigma: power and grace, sophistication and fun.

How to Wear A Vintage Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings have since become one of the most versatile accessories for any jewelry lover. While they’re great for dinner parties, holiday functions, or high fashion, they also complement a number of more casual occasions.

Straight, no chaser? Your LBD and pearls. Shaken, not stirred? A lace number with rubies.

No matter how you take your drink of choice, there are probably just as many ways to wear a vintage dinner ring. Though they’re typically worn on the right hand—you wouldn’t want to upstage the engagement ring, of course!—they can be worn on any finger.

The Value Of Vintage

While cocktail rings are meant for fun and rarely take themselves too seriously, a vintage ring celebrates the one-of-a-kind craftsmanship of bygone jewelry eras. A vintage cocktail ring often displays large, vibrant gemstones you just don’t see anymore and in designs that you wouldn’t believe until you see them for yourself! Combined with hand-engraving, ornate curves and a number of other unique features, a vintage dinner ring is truly an eclectic collectible.

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