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Vintage engagement rings have so much to offer, and few offer more than clusters! With a variety of stone shapes, colors and cuts, vintage cluster engagement rings are both stunning and stylish! Our collection features rings from popular eras, including Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and more!

Unique Design & Style

Cluster engagement rings were originally designed to remind the wearer of a flower with a large center stone surrounded by a halo of small petal-like stones. Traditionally, the cluster setting features dazzlingly round cut diamonds in a prong setting, and many designs often used seven stones as a symbolic number for perfect harmony. As the style evolved during the 1920s, jewelers began to create clusters featuring oval, round, pearl and heart-shaped settings. Our collection offers an eclectic blend of classic, elegant styles and plenty of chic vintage settings!

Benefits Of The Cluster Style

Beyond their unique design, cluster rings have a number of unique benefits too! There are several key reasons to choose a vintage or antique cluster engagement ring:

  • These rings have an elegant appeal and have a larger finger presence.
  • Cluster settings allow you to combine different shapes and colors.
  • They look great with a variety of cuts, including the old European cuts, rose cuts, old mine cuts, and ovals!
  • They’re a great way to combine textures, such as smooth gem stones, intricate facets, and larger chunky cuts!
  • Cluster rings look great in platinum settings and offer great contrast in gold settings!

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