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For an elegant engagement ring that is both vibrant and colorful, a style featuring an aquamarine is a wonderful option. Beautiful and bold, this precious gemstone serves as an exciting alternative to a traditional diamond. Each of the Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Rings within the Victor Barboné collection has a unique design that will take your breath away. 

A Captivating Color

Aquamarine is a clear and dazzling bright blue gemstone. Hues vary and can range anywhere from a soft sky-blue to a striking greenish-blue. The enchanting color of these precious gemstones makes them undeniably attractive and impossible to ignore. Unsurprisingly, their name comes from the Latin word for “seawater,” and aquamarine was once thought to provide protection to sailors on long voyages.

Translucent in appearance, aquamarine has an astounding luster and sparkles beautifully in jewelry of virtually any design. Their fair color also allows them to pair perfectly with any metal setting. Next to gold, they have a regal, opulent appearance. When set in silver, white gold or platinum, they take on an icy look that is crisp and incredibly stylish!

A Beautiful Alternative

No matter if the love of your life feels at home by the sea or just loves the idea of wearing something different on her left hand, a ring featuring a beautiful aquamarine will make a scintillating statement. The Aquamarine Engagement Rings in the Victor Barboné collection are destined to capture her heart and her imagination. Shop today!