Victorian Engagement Rings

These antique Victorian Engagement Rings are historic treasures that our new and dear to our hearts. These authentic antique pieces hail from the Victorian which lasted from 1837-1901 and are incredibly rare finds.

Victorian Era Jewelry Characteristics

Named after Queen Victoria, the Victorian Era is noted by her 63 year reign from 1835-1901. 

This era is characterized by opulence, romance, and intricate craftsmanship. Sentimentalism and symbolism were prominent themes in jewelry design in Victorian times. Pieces were often adorned with symbols such as hearts, flowers, and intricate knotwork, conveying messages of love, friendship, and remembrance. Lockets became a popular accessory, allowing wearers to keep cherished mementos close to their hearts, such as locks of hair. Gemstones were chosen not only for their beauty but also for their symbolic meanings, with stones like turquoise representing love and amethyst symbolizing protection against intoxication.

Yellow Gold was the material of choice and most Victorian Era pieces will be in that color. Rose Gold was another popular choice. "Silver-topped" gold was a popular method in jewelry creation. Silver is a softer metal that is much more malleable and made stone setting easier. The "collet" or "cutdown" setting used silver atop gold for a signature look of the era. Many a rivière necklace and many a ring were created in this style and are now beloved amongst collectors. You will also see many multi-stone rings set in scrolling gold metalwork. 

The Old Mine Cut diamond was the prevailing diamond cut of the time. Most Victorian Engagement Rings will feature this cut in one way or another.

As the Victorian era progressed, there was a shift towards more elaborate and intricate designs. Mourning jewelry became prevalent during this time, featuring black enamel, jet, and hairwork as symbols of mourning and remembrance. Additionally, the discovery of new sources of gemstones, such as diamonds in South Africa, led to an increased availability of precious materials, allowing for even more extravagant designs.

Towards the end of the Victorian era, the aesthetic tastes shifted once again, influenced by archaeological discoveries and the revival of historical styles. The Aesthetic Period embraced nature-inspired motifs like leaves, birds, and insects, often rendered in delicate enamel and gemstones. Snake inspired jewelry was very popular during this time and much beloved by Queen Victoria herself. Shop our Snake Jewelry here.

Victorian jewelry remains timeless in its beauty and craftsmanship, continuing to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike with its rich history and enduring elegance.

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