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Looking for something that will stand out? With our collection of unique vintage engagement rings, your search is over! In this handpicked collection, intricate metalwork meets lattice patterns, swirls, and of course, all of the luscious diamonds and gemstones you could dream of. You’ll love each of these unique shapes!

Unconventional Engagement Ring Shapes

While you never know what you’ll find with our collection of unique vintage engagement rings, here are a few popular shapes to look for:

  • Cushion Cuts. The cushion shape is easy to spot—and not just because of the size of the stone! A square with rounded corners, the cushion cut diamond shape looks like a plush pillow. Make yourself comfortable!
  • Pear Cut Diamonds. Also called teardrop diamonds, pear cut diamonds are always a great choice. Because of their size, pear diamonds do well on their own or with other smaller stones. They often make for an unforgettable ring!
  • Marquise Diamonds. Also called the “Navette” diamond, or “little boat” because of its shape, marquise diamonds feature a low pointed oval, generally made up of 58 facets! This is truly a unique shape that works well with smaller petite diamonds or large, bold and unconventional diamond engagement rings!
  • Heart-Shaped Diamonds. While these diamonds are especially popular as Valentine’s gifts, the heart-shaped diamond has a long history with engagement rings as well, dating back to the 15th century! Valued highly as a difficult cut, the heart-shaped diamond was a popular gift among royalty before becoming a recognized symbol of undying love!
  • Cocktail Rings. Especially popular in 1920s fashion, vintage cocktail rings are perfect for unique shapes and bold designs. They make for wonderfully unconventional engagement rings, too!

Every Era, Ever After

Browse our collection of unique vintage engagement rings from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras—and more! We’re always updating our catalog, so keep checking back for the latest rings, or subscribe to our weekly arrivals email!