There’s no doubt about it—colored diamonds are in high demand! But then again, that’s probably because they’ve never gone out of style! Vintage colored diamond engagement rings offer a variety of unique hues. Combined with the right band, intricate metal work or even other gemstones, colored diamond engagement rings are unique and timeless treasures!

Where Do Colored Diamonds Come From?

Did you know that colored diamonds often get their unique hues from chemical reactions and imperfections? Yellow diamonds, for example, are formed from nitrogen, while green diamonds are a result of radiation. Some colored diamonds, such as red, blue, and pink diamonds are incredibly rare!

A Quick Guide To Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Traditional “white” diamonds are measured on a color scale of D through Z, from colorless to light color. True colored diamonds, or “fancy diamonds,” are graded on a separate scale.

When it comes to colored diamond engagement rings, the most popular fancy diamonds are brown, “chocolate” diamonds, and yellow, “canary” diamonds. With either option, you’ll find a range of unique hues that may surprise you! Brown diamonds, for example, sometimes appear pink or smoky gray in certain light. White diamonds can change color as well!

Whether you’re looking for a solid color or something with a little more je ne sais quoi, there’s plenty to love in our catalogue of vintage colored engagement rings!

Every Color, Every Vintage Era

From fancy diamonds to traditional white diamonds, our collection of uniquely hued engagement rings is sure to dazzle! Paired alongside emeralds, sapphires, turquoise, rubies and other gemstones, these distinctive rings offer plenty of character with a beautiful range of colors!

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