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We know there’s more to history than footnotes and fine print. With the unique details in each of these beautifully uncommon engagement rings, vintage jewelry comes to life. Get lost in millegrain and filigree. Fall in love with delicate hand engraving. Find the perfect ring for you or your loved one!

Wonderfully Uncommon Engagement Rings

So, what can you expect to find when it comes to unique engagement rings? The short answer: you never know! But one thing’s for sure: You can often expect the unexpected. There’ a stunning array of unique details in this collection! Here are just a few of the things you’ll find here:

  • Millegrain. This technique was developed in the late 19th century and is used to add texture to engagement rings and other jewelry. This type of metalwork involves creating rows of bead-like textures along the outer edge of the band, setting or other ridge-like feature on a ring.
  • Filigree. One of the most delicate types of metalwork in jewelry, filigree can include small beading, twisted threads or a combo of both to produce artistic, often lace-like features in engagement rings.
  • Hand Engraving. The hand engraving you’ll find in this collection can include leaf patterns, floral etching, scrolling patterns and personal messages on the inner or outer band.
  • Unique Shapes & Settings. From colorful clusters of stones to the shapes in which they’re arranged, there are many happy surprises in this unique collection!

Uncommon Vintage Rings From Era To Era

With our collection of uncommon engagement rings, you’ll find some truly unique treasures that span hundreds of years and a variety of jewelry eras:

  • Victorian Era. Spanning the period from 1835-1901, Victorian engagement rings are a rare find in themselves! Inspired by the tastes of Queen Victoria, engagement rings from this period feature a bold flair for the romantic and an homage to the beauty of the natural world.
  • Edwardian Era. The successor to the Victorian era, Edwardian jewelry is known for its ornate and organic-inspired designs of wreaths, bows, and floral patterns.
  • Art Deco Era. As the product of both Art Nouveau and World War I, Art Deco jewelry combines its sleek aesthetic with a new sense of opulence. You’ll find many bold looks from this era, featuring clean geometric patterns and lines.

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