Two tone engagement rings feature Platinum or silver combined with yellow gold which combines light and warmth, sleek style and classical elegance! Get the best of both worlds with these two-tone stunners!

Bold Designs & Subtle Beauty

We love this look because it opens up a world of possibilities in band-pairing and helps solve one of the biggest decisions in engagement ring shopping: what color metal ring do you want? You’ll probably find yourself falling in love with several different designs when shopping for the perfect ring and two-tone rings offer the perfect solution!

Our collection of two-tone vintage engagement rings offers a variety of styles, whether you’re looking for a distinct blend of two metals or something more integrated and subtle. While many of these rings incorporate different metals along the band, some incorporate different metals just for the prongs or setting!

Bonus: While “two-tone” refers to the metal elements of a ring, our collection features many multi-colored stones as well, pairing white diamonds with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and even colored diamonds!

Why Choose Two-Tone?

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with these rings:

  • Complement any wedding band, especially if you want a band with a different metal
  • Look great with multiple colored stones
  • Offer unique advantages for each metal

The last point here is a pretty big one. Certain metals offer better malleability for unique designs or intricate metalwork. Others will provide durability and resist tarnish. Platinum, for example, is a popular setting for many two-tone rings because of its superior strength! By combining metals, you’ll augment advantages and diminish disadvantages—all in a stunning, vintage design!

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