For an engagement ring that is steeped in romance, you can’t go wrong with a Toi et Moi engagement Ring. In this style, dual stones take center stage and are often accented by intricate metalwork, smaller stones, or detailed settings for added opulence. Victor Barboné’s expansive collection of vintage engagement rings includes a number of stunning Toi et Moi rings. Browse our selection and find a piece that perfectly expresses your love!

An Iconic Symbol

Along with their exceptional appearance, these rings have a fascinating history that further enhances their allure. The engagement ring that Napoleon gave to his beloved Josephine at the end of the 18th century was of this style, featuring two teardrop-shaped stones perched upon a simple band. This sparked the popularity of dual-stoned engagement rings, which peaked in the late 19th century.

French for “You and Me,” Toi et Moi engagement rings are incredibly symbolic! The (generally) equally sized center stones come together in one perfect piece. Whether you opt for dual diamonds or instead choose colorful gemstones, your ring’s twin flames will serve as a constant and joyful reminder that you and your loved one will always walk through life side by side.

A Beautiful Beginning

Toi et Moi Engagement Rings allow for twice as much sparkle. Plus, they have that added sentimental value from the symbolism. Victor Barboné has a captivating collection of vintage rings that are sure to be up her alley! Shop today!