When it comes to engagement rings, many people believe that bigger is better. When choosing to go big, you can seek out a sizeable diamond, a large setting, or both! For a truly show-stopping design, consider our collection of thick band engagement rings!

Great For Any Finger

Anyone can appreciate the beauty of an engagement ring with a wider band. Not only do they offer more security, they also take up a balanced amount of finger space!

Big & Bold

Diamonds and precious gemstones are typically the focus when it comes to engagement rings. Rings that feature both exquisite stones and an impeccable setting, however, are in a class of their own.

Rings with thick bands often include intricate details like filigree or engraved accents. You may even find a piece with rows of small diamonds for increased sparkle. No matter your partner’s preferences, there is sure to be an exquisitely designed band that is the perfect complement to their style.

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If statement pieces are your thing, consider choosing a vintage engagement ring with an eye-catching band. The Victor Barboné collection includes plenty of breathtaking options featuring an impressive setting. Shop today!