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There is perhaps no type of gemstone more impactful than a teardrop-shaped diamond. When included in an engagement ring, the result is a piece of jewelry that is both magnificently modern and eternally elegant. The Victor Barboné collection is full of dynamic, captivating teardrop engagement rings! Browse our selection, and find the perfect ring today!

Pear-Shaped Perfection

The distinct appearance of these oblong stones makes them visually stunning. Also known as pear-shaped diamonds, teardrop diamonds essentially combine the striking visual impact of marquise-shaped diamonds and the simplicity of round-cut stones. At one side, a gradual taper draws the eye towards the delicately pointed tip. At the other is a smooth, symmetrical crescent. The dissimilar nature of each end creates a beautiful juxtaposition that sets teardrop stones apart from all other cuts.

Their fabulous shape and undeniable radiance instantly elevate the look of absolutely any engagement ring. Feminine, graceful, and beautiful, they successfully lengthen the finger and make the wearer’s hand appear slimmer. These stones also make a statement no matter the setting. Simple solitaires and halo styles alike celebrate the gemstone’s unique silhouette, while three-stone rings and ornate Art Deco designs elevate its uncommon sense of sophistication.

A New Classic

For a vintage design that is infused with a charming sense of refinement, you can’t go wrong with an engagement ring featuring a teardrop shaped diamond. Visually impactful and instantly captivating, a teardrop engagement ring from the Victor Barboné collection is sure to take your beloved’s breath away. Shop today!