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Engagement ring settings come in all shapes and sizes. While round-cut diamonds tend to dominate the market, there are plenty of other options when it comes to the shape and setting of your center stone. A square setting, for instance, creates a unique look with an uncommon elegance. For a square engagement ring with scintillating sparkle, the Victor Barboné collection has plenty of exquisite options to choose from.

Square Settings

Most square shaped engagement rings have a square shaped setting rather than featuring a square shaped diamond or other precious gemstone. The setting itself will be square with perhaps a few smaller diamonds or other gemstones to fill in the space around the corners of a round center stone.

Square Shaped Diamonds

Asscher-cut diamonds like the diamond featured in our Winona ring, have a shape very close to a square (with indented shoulders). A variation on the traditional emerald cut, the I.J. Asscher company debuted this design in 1902. Unlike stones with an emerald cut, these diamonds have a wider set and feature 58 facets, which effectively maximizes their sparkle. If you look closely at an Asscher-cut diamond, you’ll also notice that the corners are cropped slightly. The presence of prongs, however, usually hides this signature detail.

Square diamonds became incredibly popular during the 1920s. They took center stage in many jewelry designs during this decade, making them a must-have for women in the Roaring Twenties who wanted an engagement ring that was right on-trend. It’s for this reason that many of the vintage styles you see with a square center stone hail from the Art Deco era.

Many Great Styles

Square engagement rings are ideal for any woman who exudes confidence and class. With a variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a design within the Victor Barboné collection that is refined, sophisticated, and also wholly unique. Shop today!