Silver is a timeless material that has an inherently brilliant luster. Light and tasteful, an engagement ring with a silver or silver-plated setting always looks spectacular. If your beloved has a refined, elegant sense of style and wants a ring that will twinkle every time it catches the light, a silver engagement ring from the Victor Barboné Collection is sure to take her breath away.

Bright & Beautiful

Silver bands have a classic, sophisticated look that is graceful, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. Rings with gold bands have a tendency to look heavy, old-fashioned, and overwhelming on small hands. Rings with a scintillating silvery sparkle, however, have an almost iridescent shimmer that is instantly captivating and incredibly appealing.

Silver’s enigmatic luster is further enhanced when paired with glittering diamonds. The translucent sparkle of these traditional gemstones is effortlessly enhanced by this metal’s luminous appearance. Together, they create a fantastic piece of jewelry that is impossible to ignore. Just like diamonds, colored gemstones are also elevated when placed within a silver setting.

The Captivating Sparkle of Silver

Silver acts as the perfect backdrop for virtually any gemstone and elevates the look of any setting. If your beloved has a feminine aesthetic that is breezy, beautiful, and carefree, you’ll want to choose an engagement ring that will illuminate her hand and always make her smile. Victor Barbone’s extensive collection of vintage pieces includes plenty of silver engagement rings that sparkle, shimmer, and shine. Shop today!