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Old mine cut diamond engagement rings feature one of the most gorgeous cuts of diamond that we have ever seen. One of the main "antique diamond cuts," we love this cut for its uniqueness, its soft and romantic shape, and its beautiful facet patterns that really draw your eye into the depths of the stone.

The History of the Old Mine Cut

The old mine cut diamond really became prominent in the 18th century and was used throughout the 19th century and into the beginning of the 20th century in antique jewelry. You will see this cut used mainly in Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian Eras with some scattered use in the Art Deco Era. The soft shape is very inline with the themes and motifs of the earlier eras whereas the Art Deco era defined itself with its crisp lines and high precision which is why we see more old European cut diamonds and step-cut diamonds during this time.

What shape is it?

This cut comes in varied shapes! These stones were cut by hand by master artisans so there is definitely some variance in the shape. Basically, these stones are the antique version of the cushion cut diamond so they are "pillow-like" in nature. We have seen some super flat old mine cut diamonds and some super deep ones. We see some elongated old mine cut diamonds and some that are much more square. The basics to look for are:

1. A softened rectangular or square shape (rounded corners)

2. A high crown

3. A small table

4. An open culet 

The Rarity

We love these unique stones and it is the main stone we use and try to source in our vintage engagement rings. We love the variety that these diamonds offer and how different people are drawn to different characteristics! 

These diamonds are in high demand and not the easiest stone to find! If you fall in love with one of these gorgeous antique diamonds- act fast as they are difficult to replace! Explore our curated collection of old mine cut diamond engagement rings today.