Rare and exceptionally unique, Octagon Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings have a look that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Whether you find a perfect diamond solitaire with eight sides or instead opt for a halo with eight additional diamonds accenting the edges, there is a certain polish to these styles that successfully sets them apart. You’ll find these rare designs within Victor Barboné’s beautiful and extensive collection of vintage engagement rings!

The Importance Of Eight

Diamond rings featuring an octagon setting are certainly not the norm! From afar, these rings almost appear to be round, allowing the architectural edges to provide extra embellishment to a diamond that may otherwise look ordinary. 

There are many reasons to opt for an octagon shaped ring. Aside from being an exclusive and hard-to-find style, the number eight also has significant meaning. In Chinese culture, the number eight is indicative of wealth and prosperity. Other numerologists believe that it signifies a new beginning. Whether you choose an octagon engagement ring because of its style or symbolism, rings featuring these incredible shapes are perfect for the woman who is full of subtleties herself.

Rare & Refined

An intricate setting with many sides gives these rings a spectacular, structural look that is simply unmatched. Surprise and excitement is ensured when you present one of these octagon shaped diamond engagement rings to your significant other! Shop today!