Halo rings always exude a chic, contemporary elegance. Those with a double halo, however, take this look to a magnificent new level. Decadent, dazzling, and delightful to behold, double halo engagement rings are simply timeless. For a ring that will forever make her smile, you can’t go wrong with Victor Barboné ring featuring dozens of glittering diamonds!

Twice The Sparkle

When the entire perimeter of a gemstone is surrounded by smaller diamonds, the setting is referred to as a halo. Double the number of diamonds that encircle the center stone and you have what is known as a double halo. These scintillating styles are undeniably sensational and shine in a way that solitaires or single halo settings never could.

A double halo setting is especially ideal if you are looking for an engagement ring that is luminous and always commands attention. Not only do rings of this nature feature a higher quantity of light-reflecting facets, they also take up more space on the hand. This makes the entire ring look more substantial and significant.

More Is Always Better

When it comes to diamonds, you can never have too many! Double halo engagement rings are ideal for any woman who is gorgeous, glamorous, and absolutely loves to stand out. Forget opting for something subtle when you can surprise your beloved with a luxurious and opulent style from the Victor Barboné collection. Shop today!