Brown diamond engagement rings have a beauty that breaks from the tradition of white diamonds. If your significant other deserves something completely unexpected and extraordinary, look no further than these impeccable styles! There is a warmth and depth to these diamonds that captivates even the most discerning eye. Victor Barbone’s exciting collection of richly colored diamonds is sure to surpass your expectations.

Unparalleled Styles

A relatively rare find, antique brown diamonds come in a breadth of hues in brown spectrum! The hues range from peachy to pinkish to purplish tones and can be very subtle or very obvious! It gives your diamond a unique hue that that is guaranteed to be unique from every other diamond! The beauty of these stunning stones is further enhanced when surrounded by a gold or rose gold setting, which perfectly compliments their color and creates an intriguing tonal look.

Colorless diamonds are traditionally favored when it comes to engagement rings but that is changing! More and more modern couples are ignoring traditional ideals and opting instead for something with more character. Although surprising and unexpected, these styles also maintain an understated elegance she’s sure to appreciate! Brown diamond engagement rings are perfectly on trend and ideal for any woman who isn’t afraid of shining brightly and beautifully in her own special way!

Redefine Tradition

These rings will make you rethink what an engagement ring should look like. A fancy brown diamond in a vintage setting perfectly combines tradition with current trends, resulting in an engagement ring that is both elegant and elevated! You’re sure to find the perfect vintage brown diamond engagement ring when you browse the Victor Barboné collection. Shop now!