If you are looking for an engagement ring that has a unique elegance, a piece that hails from the Art Nouveau era is an excellent option. These opulent pieces boast decadent designs that are stylish, stunning, and statement-making. The Victor Barboné collection includes several genuine Art Nouveau Engagement Rings that perfectly capture the artistry of this era!

A Distinct Sense of Style

Art Nouveau is an artistic style that originated in Europe. Popular from 1890 to 1910, this movement influenced furniture, art, jewelry designs, architecture, textiles, and many other decorative or artistic endeavors. Although eventually eclipsed by the popular Art Deco movement, the incredibly ornate Art Nouveau movement inspired everything from Antoni Gaudí’s breathtaking buildings in Barcelona to the intricate iron metalwork found in the Montmartre district of Paris.

The jewelry that was created during this era also had an exceptionally lavish aesthetic. Before this design style became popular, jewelry was meant only to showcase gemstones. During the Art Nouveau movement, however, metalwork was allowed to take center stage. Engagement rings from this era feature intricate designs and elaborate settings that are just as stunning as the sparkling diamonds themselves!

Delightfully Unique

Art Nouveau Engagement Rings are a distinct departure from the sleek, minimalistic styles that are currently popular. This makes them an ideal option for any woman who honors being an individual. Our selection of vintage Art Nouveau rings features scintillating styles that are destined to capture your imagination and set your beloved apart from everyone else. Shop today!