Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Named for their lush, pillow-like shape, antique cushion cut diamonds have this super soft, super alluring outline. Also called Old Mine Cut cushions, these diamonds offer chunkier facets than most other shapes. Come get cozy and browse our beautiful collection of antique cushion cut engagement rings!

History & Cushion Cut Facts

A cushion cut diamond is square or rectangular in shape with rounded corners, just like a pillow. This cut is among the two popular “old world” cuts: the old European cut and the old mine cut. Old mine cuts or antique cushion cuts have been around since the 1830s and was the primary cut used in jewelry until advancements in technology allowed diamond cutters to create the round diamond, or the old European cut diamond as the antique round diamonds are called. Round diamonds have remained the most popular stone choice for jewelry ever since.

 Many of the world’s largest and most famous diamonds are cushion cuts, including the legendary Hope Diamond. This cut produces some of the most beautiful diamonds we have ever seen!

Chunky Cushions

Since these antique cushions were cut by hand by master artisans, each diamond is unique and has its own distinct appearance! The quintessential antique cushion has a "chunkier" shape with a higher crown, steeper pavilion, and broad facets that draw your eye into the depths of that beautiful stone. The perfect example of that is our Benedicte Ring. It is an absolutely stunning diamond!

    Benefits Of The Cushion Cut

    In both forms, cushion cut diamonds retain their color stronger than many other shapes, making them ideal for fancy colored diamonds. As you browse our collection of antique cushion cut engagement rings, you’ll be amazed how distinct each one is. Discover why this cut has become a timeless classic!

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