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As you prepare to embark on the endlessly exciting journey of marriage, you want an engagement ring that mirrors your personality and experiences. And sometimes that means finding a ring that has been on a journey of its own. Which is why at Victor Barboné, we are absolutely thrilled to offer a diverse selection of vintage 1930s engagement rings. These pieces represent a luxurious history for all to see.

A Vast & Exciting Selection

Part of the beauty of a ring from the 1930s is the wide range of styles to choose from. Art Deco was still the prominent style up until the mid-30s when the Retro Era took over.

The world of Art Deco, with its clean lines, colorful stones and almost masculine features gave way to aggressive feminine motifs. There is a floweriness to the Retro era, complete with ribbons and curlicues, as women began to embrace their femininity and wield it as power. The Art Deco focus on platinum and white gold bands also began to shift in the Retro period to yellow gold and rose gold.

Whichever style you prefer, Art Deco or Retro, you’re sure to find the perfect ring for your engagement at Victor Barboné. All of our 1930s engagement rings are expertly designed, featuring the finest diamonds that are sure to leave your loved ones speechless.

Beautiful Baguette Diamonds

Engagement rings with baguette side stones became increasingly popular in the Art Deco Era, but baguettes have a much richer history as well. This cut evolved from an antique cut with an admittedly less flattering name: the hogback. Hogbacks are characterized by thin, rectangular shapes, much like the modern baguette, which translates to “little jewel.” Arising in the 16th century, hogbacks were often used to create shapes like crosses and letters.

But, it wasn’t until the 1920s and 30s that baguettes were used in reference to diamond cuts. With the focus on linear, geometric designs, the cut quickly grew to popularity with engagement ring jewelers. You'll find plenty of great baguette designs in this collection featuring a number of 1930s diamond engagement rings!